Yesterday and Tomorrow

My question for this final project is one that I believe is important both now and in the future and that is “What effects does the use of social media technologies have on our real life interactions and how will it affect our relationships in both the short and long term?”social_media_strategy111

In today’s society our social interactions are shaped strongly by our online presents.  Many individuals are involved in various types of online interactions including but not limited to Facebook(, Twitter(, and Linkedin( all of these involved a level of commitment to stay up to date and as beneficial as possible. Much of these actions can cause individuals to become overwhelmed and stressed. The effects of developing relationships online and connecting with many others easily can seem like a beneficial idea at first but when a lack of depth is developed in these relationships it can turn to a feeling of isolation and loneliness having 400 friends on Facebook isn’t and won’t ever be equivalent to having a set amount of quality in person friends. When one of these many online relationships goes sour it can often times lead unhealthy residue. This is can be known as cyber bullying and can be detrimental to anyone. It is most common among young teens or preteens. In the linked article it discusses real life scenarios that have unfolded and have had detrimental effects on their lives. In one example a student online was bullied and forced too even switch schools. Cyber bullying has been a tough crime for local law enforcement to patrol so often times individuals have been left to fend for themselves. This had become an example of how your actions online can put your real life into a troubling state. Often time’s individuals will act out online for attention this can often times lead to bullying or verbally aggressive behavior. If an individual feels seriously threated by the actions online they may take too acted upon them in real life. This has often times led to physical altercations.I Like

However the positive aspects that social media has on our lives is that it can help us interact and reconnect with long lost friends and allows us to easily communicate with family that may be geographically distanced from us. In addition we as humans can create meaningful relationships through interactions of sharing pictures and life events which has been made easy thanks to various social mediums. Some additional benefits on social networking is that it can give birth to inner confidence to any individual who may be struggling and fuel them with real life confidence.  Confidence is known to be a great asset of the rich and successful so you’re social networking skills maybe already paying off.  Other benefits include become more adaptable in real life this can be developed by adjusting to the constantly changing world of social networking. One aspect of the internet that gets lots of negative views is that of the exposure to diverse political, social, and environmental viewpoints that can help create ingenuity and intrigue in the real world setting. Online life’s have become and extension of communication in both the real world workplace and the real world social life. The ability to always be connected with individuals between real life exposures can help grown and develop stronger relationships. A great example of this can be found on Facebook if someone decides to post devastate and heart ripping news on their Facebook feed about something that has just happened to them. Then you can understand that if you run into them later maybe a condolence or sign of gratitude is appropriate. This would be something that could have been missed or improperly handled. Facebook has been known to create a sense of joy or happiness in people’s lives by increasing social trust and engagement these positive actions are backed by the sharing of successful outcomes and can lead to a measure of self-reinforcing excitement building confidences in an individual. However I am not the only individual who believes there are positive impacts of social media on our lives, in the article Millennials Reflect on Social Networking written for Psychology Today we can find that social networking can help lead to breaking the ice with new relationships if you have experience interacting online then you will likely have an easier time interacting for the first time in person.  An over looked benefit of social networking that younger generation benefit more from then older is the ability to receive breaking news and event information near instantly. Being connected online can help you be aware of what’s going on anywhere in the world at any time, which would be a grueling and a likely impossible task otherwise.

Social media can affect and shape our real lives by allowing us to connect too many different people ranging anywhere from our childhood best friend to the individual at your office that you SocialMediaLandscapemay not know very well. With this medium we are able to meet individuals that we wouldn’t normally had the opportunity to have both online and in person. Many relationships are formed online and are continued after an online foundation is established in person. Many individuals are turning to the internet to utilize online dating websites such as MatchFarmers OnlyEHarmony and many more. Each one is user specific and allows individuals with similar interest and objectives to be plugged into various algorithms in hopes of completing the ultimate connection between two users. EHarmony for example has grown to over 150 countries would wide and have boasted to be taking 15,000 new dater applications every day. These online dating experiences can be a significant positive or negative on any individual’s life. The benefits and dramas are the same with online dating as they are with person to person interactions. However individuals believe that they are entering a greater pool of potential mates and in return will likely have a better percentage of finding the one.

Maybe the biggest impact that modern day social media has on individuals real life is that it amplifies everything we do in our lives from accomplishments to failures. With the ability and utilization of social media such as Facebook we are constantly connected and connecting to everyone about our life’s and with this constantly comparing ours to theirs. Since Facebook has been linked to many signs of depression, various studies have shown the direct impact it has on day to day life it has been linked to detonating relationships by causing jealousy and envy in relationships where there typically would have been neither. However the biggest issue with Facebook is that it is addictive and creates a sense of resentment as we compare our lives to others.  If everyone one of your friends (or at least it feels like it) is going on a vacation this spring break its likely all you will see on Facebook each day is about those planned vacations making you the one staying home become jealous and start to resent your friends.  Maybe one of the most direct repercussions of posting something on Facebook is the police could arrest you. Please check out this link. However there are a few things everyone can do to help prevent negative effects of social media and theyare; limit the time you use them, monitor your emotions on line, try not to compare yourself to others, and maintain a good life balance between virtual and real.

The long long term effects of having social media around and widely used is still a ways in the future but for now we can study research and articles that were conducted by Dr. Larry Rosen professor of psychology at California State University, Dominguez Hills was published in the Courier Press shows us the results of social media in the academic setting. He found that students who utilized Facebook at least once during a 15 minute period achieved lower grades as a whole. In addition to Facebook the more windows a student would open as a time period elapsed the worse off they would be at studying and retaining information. The results of his study showed us that if you weren’t able to go a long period of time then 15 minutes without checking your Facebook then you were likely going to struggle in an academic setting.

In conclusion social media and living a life online have both good and bad effects on our everyday lives through research and critical think I have found that it remains key like any good or bad thing in life to stay in balance with it. Never get too carried away one way or the other. An individual doesn’t want to live there life only online that will not be satisfying and will likely not lead to long term happiness.However in the same respect an individual will not want to live there life only offline. The ability to compare contrast and adapt to the every changing mediums of social media will help individuals live a more fulfilling life.

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Catch and Release

tackle-box-560x371I’d Like to take this final blog as an opportunity to thank everyone who has taken the time to comment or read my blog, this was my first every blog certainly something I thought I would never do. It was certainly an experience and I hope you all learned a little something about the environment or the time money and effort that is put into preserving the outdoors for many generations to come. Some of the blogs featured Milacs Lakes slots sizes, various ice fishing outings, safety on the ice and water, a few political situations, some preservations efforts, a little history of the styles, and of course the use of technology and the future of fishing. If fishing has the ability to continue to evolve to the next generation of anglers then it will have no problem continuing to be a part of the future. I look forward to the upcoming advancements and am excited to see the success of hard working conservationist who have strived to maintain the future. I hope everyone has a chance to wet a line this upcoming way too short Minnesota Summer!

Good Luck on the water.

P.S. It’s probably a good thing this is my last one there appears to be some open water out my window and a boat itching to float.

Fish Tech

After recently viewing fishing show that was on TV the past weekend that talked about the benefits and changes that have happened since the evolvement of the video camera. Yes the show was sponsored by GoPro.  These slick high definition easy to use easy to carry anywhere durable machines have single handily reshaped the w8d39ccdbc35bebdf55986dc41a1a608b 33bdda6a517d1f4ec1b4c6727c5a4c86ay anyone tells a fish story. These devices have created an entire field of amateur videographers. Part of this is certainly from the devices easy function and also its relatively fair priced. May of these devices range around a couple hundred bucks certainly a much better price mark then that of the first large bulky impossible to carry through the fishing rivers of north Colorado video cameras that ranged in the thousands to buy and took a trained professional and a small army to run.  GoPro’s technology has revolunized the underwater shots. For the past decades seeing an epic underwater strike in a nice clear video shot was near impossible, for nowadays producers it has become a staple of any fishing show and is viewed in significant advancement in quality. Fisherman have become more and more creative with the use of these GoPro’s they have strapped them onto lures, kayaks, fish rods (giving a great POV of the action0, and my favorite the drones.  Many TV shows will utilized aerial shots with a drone to help show land lay outs and physical tactics to these layouts and of course the awesome scenery that comes from above! GoPro has changed the fish tales forever your whompus will no longer be able to grow every time the story is told or the one that got away will be justified in beautiful high definition 1080 p clarity.

dinosaurs of the depths

Dinosaurs of the water, this is the nickname give to the species of fish known as the Lake Sturgeon. These fish are just one species of the many that swim the fresh water systems of Minnesota. They are known as the dinosaurs because they can range over 100 years old and grow to mammoth size, the most common size and location for these fish in the area it the Rainy River where the average fish size falls within the seasons slot sizes of 45 to 50 inches. One of the largest fresh water fish every netted in the mid west came from our neighbor to the east Wisconsin on beautiful lake Winnebago where the fish measured in at 240lbs  87.5 inches long and estimated at over 125 years old. How would you like to swim in that lake!

Lake SturgeonHowever, with any prized species it seems they are under fire for being over harvested in prior decades. In fact 19 of the 20 states where the fish was original sought to have made home they are now either threatened or endangered. In the late 1800’s it was said that nearly 5 million pounds of Lake Sturgeon were harvested in a single year. Much of the harvest was accredited to the value that was seen in them they could be used for a wide variety of things such as rare caviar. With the steep decline in populations the government has sent forth to step in and regulate these swimming dinosaurs in hopes to help increase them in their ecosystems and preserve them for future generations.

Bow Fishing

bowfishing_indianheadranch1A recent epidemic that is sweeping the fishing world in Minnesota over the past few years is a bit out of the ordinary its called Bow Fishing. This style of fishing has turned into a huge market primarily young males from the age of 16 to 40. The idea of the sport is to help eradicate and control the number of unwanted foreign species of fish. Most of the time rough fish such as carp are the primary target. With most lakes having no limit and what would seem like an endless supply of rough fish local DNR and sportsman clubs have begun supporting the growth of this sport. They have seen the benefits and are hoping to continue to see it help in the long term. Bow fishing typically involves using a short action quick draw bow and a platform based boat. In Minnesota it is typically done at night as it is easier to sneak up on the fish that typically hang out around the surface at night. Bow fishing has continued to grow in popularity over the past few years there are many tournaments throughout the stateDriftwood_t670 that an individual can enter into to compete for prizes and it has even created a tourism option there are now option to book various bow hunting trips. Many of these trips and tournaments will generate revenue and interest for fishing from individuals who would not have otherwise had that opportunity. I hope to see this excitement grow and continue to see it be managed appropriately.

Book of 2015

First things first it’s officially a few weeks after the expiration on fishing licenses in Minnesota! Oh joy time to run in and renew ales you have thought ahead and purchased a lifetime license. There are various options for both residents and non-residents. They range anywhere from 24hr to lifetime and have various package options lite military discounts which results in no fee. There’s individual or combination (married couples) options, youth, conservation, and even fish and small game. There are even various netting and dark house licenses that must be purchased and fall under appropriate regulations.

2015Every year new regulations are released and updated in the Minnesota annual fishing regulation book which can be found anywhere licenses are sold. Some of the newest updates are in regards to Canada-Minnesota border waters date changes on lakes such as Basswood. (Page 46 of the 2015 edition) In addition another big change is the ice fishing & dark house spearing dates for northern pike, catfish, and whitefish have been update as of 2015 season. There are also technological advancements being made such as the newly offered mobile license something you will be able to purchase and keep on your smart phone for easy access. One major change I would like to see them make is moving the annual date February 28th seems strange and easy to forget if they were able to push it to January 1st to match the calendar year I think it would help with anglers’ confusion. I do plan on trying the mobile feature this year since my phone like everybody seems to never be too far away.

Catfish Hunter

283885-trophy-iconThe dream of catching a fish of a life time is enough to motivate people to do a lot of crazy things from traveling across the country or world to getting on float planes and flying off the chart into northern Canada. Luckily for some of us these marvelous opportunities lurk in nearby waters. The reports and recent evidence suggest that Lake Miltona in Douglas County a mere 8 miles from the heart of Alexandria is home to what is likely the world record. This has been concluded by many close encounters by various fisherman some of which have even managed to land the mysterious fish measure it and release it into the wild however the improper techniques and fuzzy photos aren’t enough for the record books. Like many fish stories they seem to grow every time the tale is told. The process from which an individual applies to enter their catch into the world record hall a fame is a little lengthy but rightfully so. First an individual would fill out an application with the International Game Fish Association along with application they would send various marks of evidence such as photos digital is preferred, line used, and witness. The application must be notarized in person to help prevent fraudulent applications. Also recently a gentlemen from Italy reeled in a 280 pound monster catfish! The photo below has been circulating the internet and news for a while now. Hopefully someday I will get the opportunity to fill out and send in one of these applications!Italian Man catches Giant Catfish