Gone Fishing

Fishing is more than just a sport or hobby it’s a connection to the outdoors and a connection to the outdoors in all of us. For the duration of this blog I intend to focus us fishing related articles both political and helpful. This is something that I have always been passionate about and look forward to conveying this passion onto you followers! 301304_10150301832813836_6282062_n[1]For me it all started as a bonding experience with my older male relatives, in particular my grandfather and uncles. They passed on their abundant knowledge of tips and techniques including what they believed were proper harvesting and outdoorsmen actions. This is a very hot button topic all over the country but especially here in Minnesota there are many bodies of water or chains of 969722_10151628159953836_1979267292_n[1]reservoirs that have been incorrectly harvested and have cause for strict regulations to be placed upon them. However historic situations have taught us that these styles of regulations if enforced and followed properly can often times lead to success. Fishing is a part of a fragile yet resilient ecosystem which we all share the burden of enjoying but protecting for the future generations as our uncles and grandfathers once did for us.


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