Mille Lacs lake has become a staple for walleye fishing in Minnesota for the past few decades it has truly been the lake to beat. With such popularity the lake has been put under a rather significant amount of pressure both on the water and off. Local law enforcement agencies primarily the Minnesota Department of Natural resources has sought with the dawning task of keeping the lake both an attraction to help millacsgenerate revenue and yet manage the lake in a way that will benefit both fisherman today and in our near distant future. A great article I found was posted in April of 2014 by Minnesota’s very own Fox 9 news. The newly enforced slot size and limits on the wonderfully body of water have led to thousands of complaints and now some individuals are even seeking legal action by suing the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for mismanagement practices of the lake. The lawsuit has gained power primarily because of discrepancies in the overall enforcement of the policies. The issue lies within the state empowering various tribal members to not be held to the same conditions as non-tribal Minnesotans are held too. Many of which just believe they are being treated differently and unjustly. This situation is not uncommon to Minnesota and may only become more common as the quality of our waters become more fragile every year. It will be interesting to see how these issues our handled and what impacts it will have on our water.


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