Hard Water

A few months back was that awkward time of year, no not holiday celebrations with distant relatives’ bur rather the time ice smokewhen a true Minnesotan had to park the boat for the winter and gear up for the upcoming ice fishing season. WhooWho! The excitement always builds up as the temperatures descend down. And as that first clear sheet of what appears like glass forms on a newly frozen lake the steam often lifts the last bit of relative warmth out of the water the season begins. But why all the excitement is the newly below freezing temperatures that annoying one must wonder out onto what was just a few days back open water?

Ice-FishingA good portion of the excitement comes from both the fantastic early ice fishing bite and secondly the upcoming fish house entertainment that is second to none. The sciences is there to show how early ice season is in fact a better time to catch fish. Upon early ice the winds are able to calm down and in return so does the lake and its sediment and suspended materials settle and the lake becomes more clear and easier to target fish. In return this stability and calm can often times cause a feeding frenzy! But when is the ice safe to walk on? Drive on? Stay tuned for next time as I look into these questions and ponder if the risk is worth the reward.


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