14th Annual

ows_138827694321259There’s an annual event that circulates from town to town to help raise money for the community and provide them with an afternoon of fun and excitement. What is it you ask? Why of course it’s an ice fishing extravaganza! There are just a few requirements for the contest to go on 19 inches of solid ice and anything above 40 below wind chills. The event is this weekend January 31st 2015 located on Alexandria’s bright and beautiful Lake Le Homme Dieu a local favorite. This is the 14th annual Ice Fishing Challenge for Alexandria, Minnesota and the past years have provided us with both excitement and disappointment over its time. The highlight of its duration must certainly date back to the year of no fish. The unbelievable tasks of not one of 3,000+ anglers were able to come up with anything that swam in the water. This left the audience and participants in shock as they failed to give 8.5 X 11 Poster 2015out any prizes and rolled them into the fallowing year’s totals. And the maybe the biggest award for the winner besides the 20,000 in cash paid out last year they earn the right to their picture on the front of the local paper! So why all the hoopla well I plan to be seen on the front of the paper come next week’s mid-week addition! My strategy is simple catch the biggest fish and with great tips from prior champions such as “you’ll find them in the water” and “it’s all about luck” I thought to myself why not me. So next week I plan to have 20,000 (or this year’s branded new Yeti fish house) reasons to blog and one darn good picture to post!

If you are interested in participating or just wanting to check out the 411 here’s the link!


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