The northern pike is a sought after prize in Minnesota even know it’s not the state fish it can however land you first prize in an ice fishing contest or two. The fish is better known for their “Y” bone which has hinder their good reputation as a delicious harvest fish.jsr  boat show However in recent years the numbers of trophies appear to be disappearing from the waters of Minnesota and the Department of Natural Resources has been hard at work determining what has gone wrong and what they can implement to fix it. For the entirety of my life pike fishing regulations have been pretty standard or not changed much and have been set according to the body of water you are on. I personally would like to see various slot sizes and limits be changed to help allow the percentage of larger fish to increase. There are a few different measures that could be taken depending on the lake one of which would be to not harvest any fish for a few seasons and the other may be to harvest almost everything for a few seasons both techniques would allow for a different range of fish to grow. This in theory would help produce trophy fish.


One thought on “Pike

  1. I enjoy fishing Walleye, Crappie and Perch but have never tried to fish Pike. Its sad to see the number dropping off in Minnesota. Setting a slot limit for Pike might be essential to keeping them around in Minnesota Lakes. They have always been one of the coolest trophy fish in the state!


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