Fly fishing dates back to be one of the oldest styles of fishing. They style is simple yet complex. In many ways it is very Utah_Fly_Fishing_3similar to all fishing it has the same basic premise of finding a likely natural food substance for fish tract to their environment where they have established regular feeding cycles and incise them with a quick and seemly harmless meal. However fly fishing is a style that varies significantly from deep sea or ice fishing it is built upon finesse. Fly fishing like most techniques can be modified to be executed on many different styles of habitats from lakes, rivers, and even oceans.

My personal experience with the sport has left me intrigued by its attention to detail.  Fly fishing is the most tactical of all sports.  There is an immense amount of factors that go into every trip and every cast ranging anywhere from the lights angle fly_fishing_minnesota_river-704x400reflecting off the pool of water to the ounces of weight that is subjectively casted up or down wind. This intrigued has led me to establish some personal goals for this upcoming spring summer and fall fishing seasons. It’s a simple one and that is to land 50 fish during the year on my fly fishing equipment. I set this goal in hopes of both achieving it and hopefully being able to look back at my accomplishments this time next year and be able to set a new goal.

In conclusion I enjoyed reading various articles from this linked website dedicated to the history of fly fishing!


One thought on “Fly

  1. Very cool that you fly fish. I enjoy fishing, ice fishing to be exact, and would like to try fly fishing. I love watching the clips on TV of people standing in a remote creek in Alaska darting that little lure on and off the water. I fear once I start, I will become addicted and will have found a new hobby to pursue! What do you usually catch on your fly rig? Do you tie your own flies? I think this is the part that would consume my life if I were to take up fly fishing. Seeing those little lures come to life is absolutely amazing. Its incredible how much color and detail can be packed into such a small lure!


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