During the tail end of these cold winter months I like most Minnesotan’s start to think about the upcoming spring and summer. The thoughts of warm sunshine, birds chirping, the smell of the grill, and of course the sight of open water excites me once again. This can’t come soon enough! As the end of February comes I will begin to pack up the ice gear and start reorganizing yet again the summer gear retying string and polishing up lures. I will take a gander at the calendar and talk over with friends what weekends are available for designated fishing trips and what locations we plan to fish.

lake of the woodsThis year the talk is about Lake of the Woods, Canada side primarily.  This is about a 5 to 6 hour drive from my location in Minnesota and a fairly simple one as it is mostly interstate to the border. With these trips comes organization and commitment from all the parties involved and sometimes that’s a rather tough task. The current destination leader on the Lake of the Woods is Young’s Bay on the Northwest Angle Inlet which actually is a part of the United States thanks to a former president. From here we will plan to take off North and East primarily fishing islands and back bays for muskies and sharp rock points for various sizes in walleyes. I hope that this summer’s trip will be a great success like in years past and I hope to continue the tradition for years to come.


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