Lake Carlos

This afternoon I read an article in the CBS Minnesota News about the best places to go fishing in Minnesota the article talks mostly about the state parks and the benefits of having a state park for both beginning fisherman and longtime experienced fisherman and then continues to talk about a few of the most accessible and usable ones in the state. The benefits of having a resource like a preserved nature sanctuary that can be used by the public at a small charge is a great assets.

State parkslocation_map3 of recreation areas extended all over the state from the northern most state park in Garden Island to Grand Portage to even Blue Mounds located in the Southwest corner of the state.  State parks are an easy way for the everyday person or family to set up a base camp in the outdoors without really being too far from civilization or having any land to their own. Most state parks even remain open during the winter season and offer various amenities such as snowmobile ridding and snow shoeing. Even know that might be a tough task this particular season. As the popularity of state parks continues to grow each year it becomes more important to make reservations especially if you are planning around a holiday. The camps often times can fill up a year or so out. I myself do plan to utilize a state park or two this upcoming fall season and cannot wait for the thrill and excitement it will bring!


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