Boca Grande

tarpon-fishing-ft-myersAs I’m sure you can tell from my previous post I enjoy the state of Minnesota to the fullest but there are some great places to get out and wet a line down south. One place that looks like an awesome adventure is Boca Grande Florida right on the beautiful gulf coast. With the lure of above freezing temperatures and white sandy beaches not to mention a local drink at the nearest tiki bar I’m ready to book a trip tomorrow! It has always been one of my goals in life to go on a charter fishing tour when the tarpon are in full swing.  Tarpons have been known to range from four to eight feet long and weigh anywhere from 60 to 280 pounds each making ttop-tarpon-lures-01hem a truly good time to reel in. They have been known to become airborne fish when hooked up meaning they can become one of the toughest to land. It can often take 20 minutes or so to battle one an adventure I hope to enjoy soon. They also have dorsal fins and are considered to have a bluish or greenish backs they appear almost metallic or shiny in the water.They are known also to be one of the “pickiest” fish that swims in the gulf waters so it is important just like fishing in Minnesota to bring a wide variety of lures and not be afraid to try anything. Check out this Youtube video of the real experience. Can’t wait!


One thought on “Boca Grande

  1. I would love to head to Florida right now! You make fishing for Tarpons sound very exciting. I’m sure there is a big adrenaline rush when getting one of these guys on the line and you’ll need it for a 20 minute battle to get it in the boat! The video was a great addition to the post. Last year in Hawaii my family went on a deep sea fishing excursion and caught some great fish. My son reeled in a 5 ft long fish that weighed about 60 pounds and it’s been the highlight of his life so far. I hope you get to experience this one day.


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