Almost Cheating

Being a good angler and producing fish on demand is also about having the right tools and utilizing them to the fullest. I myself have a handful of gear I bring whenever I feel necessary. VexilarThere is a pretty standard set that I simply will not go out on the ice without and that is my buddy heater to keep warm, my cell phone for everything from songs to lake maps, and of course my Vexilar. There are many different models of Vexilar’s and other fish radar systems they range anywhere in price from $240 to $1,100 plus or minus a few dollars here and there. This wonderful creation allows fisherman to find the bottom of the lake and track there hook or jig while maintaining a reading on the hook it will allow you to detect other objects moving in the direct area in this case those would be fish. The idea is simple by using radar you can entice fish to bite. This is a great video that demonstrates the benefits of a Vexilar.

030As you may have noticed from the video that these devices give off a slight humming noise this is something that at first appears loud and a little disturbing but after years of using one becomes a calm and relaxing noise. After having some year’s experiencing fishing with a Vexilar I know feel lost without one, and time seems to slowly inch by.  They are every changing and advancing pieces of technology and I am excited to see how they will better them in the future the possibilities are endless.


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