Fear No Fish

Essential to any anglers’ success is great equipment properly utilized to its fullest. g-loomis-logoI myself have never believe that price determines quality just because something is ten times more in monetary value doesn’t mean it is ten times better for you the consumer to use. With this in mind and my thoughts of warm sunshine and calm out water I reviewed my sets of equipment fishing rods and reels and thought I would share some of my favorites with you. My all-time “best value” product that I love to use and is greatly versatile is the spin casting reel made by Mitchell it’s the model 300 Pro. It is commonly defined as rugged yet refined which is spot on. It runs about $70.00 in price which is a lower to middle on the price scale and offers a mean gear ratio that allows you the control you need with its well-constructed frame that offers superior durability. However a reel is next to useless without some sort of well-crafted and flawless rod to attach it too. I will always suggest either a G-Loomis or St. Croix rod, it depends on the style of fishing and how much you are going to use it but you almost can’t go wrong with in line of product that is made from either brand. They are far and away the lightest and most durable rods on the market.  There prices may run a bit more than your average but are well worth it for the longevity that is provided in them.


One thought on “Fear No Fish

  1. Matt I found your blog very interesting. I didn’t realize how much equipment affected success in fishing; it sounds to be a lot more than just a pole and a hook. I know someone who would share your views and he enjoys all there is the outdoors has to offer. I plan on sharing your blog with him, I’m sure he will enjoy it.


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