Whale of a time

Today’s blog comes from a recent article that was shown on CBS News; it was about a huge humpback whale that was tangled in a large fishing net off the coast of Hawaii. They discuss how a 45 ton wale managed to get stuck in a fishing net what they did to save its life. The whale was stuck in the net for an entire week. They whale was stuck in hundreds of feet of a15d7fcf8b72e2086e0f6a7067007c8bheavy line which had been used to maneuver crab pots off the bottom of the ocean. This is a fairly rare occurrence but it does happen and often times there can be issues with the attempted releasing of such an animal in the past there has been drowning, starvation, and other issues. This got me thinking about what  groups are out there to help prevent this from happening and who is out there to fix this when it does happen. It turns out there is an official whale preservation group in Hawaii call the West Hawaii Marine Mammal Response Network. Not only did they help to free the whale but they saw an opportunity to plant a tracking device on him and will take full advantage of monitoring its travel for scientific research. I was impressed by the execution and resourcefulness of the organization and fully support and applaud there research and protective works in Hawaii to help out in a tough situation.


One thought on “Whale of a time

  1. I also think that West Hawaii Marine Mammal Response Network is wonderful. I have been a big lover of the ocean forever. Most of the articles and information I have found that endanger our ocean wildlife is the nets that fisherman use. It is very sad. Tuna are caught in nets and the nets sometimes catch dolphins also, which is why I always advocate for dolphin safe tuna. Thanks for you post.


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