Catfish Hunter

283885-trophy-iconThe dream of catching a fish of a life time is enough to motivate people to do a lot of crazy things from traveling across the country or world to getting on float planes and flying off the chart into northern Canada. Luckily for some of us these marvelous opportunities lurk in nearby waters. The reports and recent evidence suggest that Lake Miltona in Douglas County a mere 8 miles from the heart of Alexandria is home to what is likely the world record. This has been concluded by many close encounters by various fisherman some of which have even managed to land the mysterious fish measure it and release it into the wild however the improper techniques and fuzzy photos aren’t enough for the record books. Like many fish stories they seem to grow every time the tale is told. The process from which an individual applies to enter their catch into the world record hall a fame is a little lengthy but rightfully so. First an individual would fill out an application with the International Game Fish Association along with application they would send various marks of evidence such as photos digital is preferred, line used, and witness. The application must be notarized in person to help prevent fraudulent applications. Also recently a gentlemen from Italy reeled in a 280 pound monster catfish! The photo below has been circulating the internet and news for a while now. Hopefully someday I will get the opportunity to fill out and send in one of these applications!Italian Man catches Giant Catfish


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