Book of 2015

First things first it’s officially a few weeks after the expiration on fishing licenses in Minnesota! Oh joy time to run in and renew ales you have thought ahead and purchased a lifetime license. There are various options for both residents and non-residents. They range anywhere from 24hr to lifetime and have various package options lite military discounts which results in no fee. There’s individual or combination (married couples) options, youth, conservation, and even fish and small game. There are even various netting and dark house licenses that must be purchased and fall under appropriate regulations.

2015Every year new regulations are released and updated in the Minnesota annual fishing regulation book which can be found anywhere licenses are sold. Some of the newest updates are in regards to Canada-Minnesota border waters date changes on lakes such as Basswood. (Page 46 of the 2015 edition) In addition another big change is the ice fishing & dark house spearing dates for northern pike, catfish, and whitefish have been update as of 2015 season. There are also technological advancements being made such as the newly offered mobile license something you will be able to purchase and keep on your smart phone for easy access. One major change I would like to see them make is moving the annual date February 28th seems strange and easy to forget if they were able to push it to January 1st to match the calendar year I think it would help with anglers’ confusion. I do plan on trying the mobile feature this year since my phone like everybody seems to never be too far away.


3 thoughts on “Book of 2015

  1. This is some great information, I was never aware that there were so many options when it came to getting a fishing license. I am curious now to check into the lifetime license, I get a license every year and we are now moving out to the lake so I know that we will be fishing regularly it may be something worth getting! I also think it is a great idea to do the mobile license I always keep my license in my purse, but hate to take my purse with me when I go fishing so sometimes I tend to forget it- I always have my phone with me though! Have you ever looked into why the date is February 28th? That would be a great suggestion to make so than people know exactly when they need to get a new license if it expires on the first of the year.


  2. Wow this is great. I am a deer hunter, and have had gone fishing a few time, and I believe we have only been stopped once, with no problems because we had a license with to show. That was when I was younger, and we had a family license. You talk about having a mobil version of a license and I think that is awesome, that way their should be no question for a person to not have a copy of it, most everyone has a cell phone, so I like this idea. I wonder how that would work though with a deer tag and you literally have to tag the deer. An interesting thought as technology only gets bigger.


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