Bow Fishing

bowfishing_indianheadranch1A recent epidemic that is sweeping the fishing world in Minnesota over the past few years is a bit out of the ordinary its called Bow Fishing. This style of fishing has turned into a huge market primarily young males from the age of 16 to 40. The idea of the sport is to help eradicate and control the number of unwanted foreign species of fish. Most of the time rough fish such as carp are the primary target. With most lakes having no limit and what would seem like an endless supply of rough fish local DNR and sportsman clubs have begun supporting the growth of this sport. They have seen the benefits and are hoping to continue to see it help in the long term. Bow fishing typically involves using a short action quick draw bow and a platform based boat. In Minnesota it is typically done at night as it is easier to sneak up on the fish that typically hang out around the surface at night. Bow fishing has continued to grow in popularity over the past few years there are many tournaments throughout the stateDriftwood_t670 that an individual can enter into to compete for prizes and it has even created a tourism option there are now option to book various bow hunting trips. Many of these trips and tournaments will generate revenue and interest for fishing from individuals who would not have otherwise had that opportunity. I hope to see this excitement grow and continue to see it be managed appropriately.


2 thoughts on “Bow Fishing

  1. I have always been interested in bow hunting and hadn’t realized that it has become such a popular sport. I will definitely have to look into some of these tournaments or tourist attractions that you mentioned, thanks for the information! The picture with the sunset is absolutely amazing- is this you in the picture?


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