Fish Tech

After recently viewing fishing show that was on TV the past weekend that talked about the benefits and changes that have happened since the evolvement of the video camera. Yes the show was sponsored by GoPro.  These slick high definition easy to use easy to carry anywhere durable machines have single handily reshaped the w8d39ccdbc35bebdf55986dc41a1a608b 33bdda6a517d1f4ec1b4c6727c5a4c86ay anyone tells a fish story. These devices have created an entire field of amateur videographers. Part of this is certainly from the devices easy function and also its relatively fair priced. May of these devices range around a couple hundred bucks certainly a much better price mark then that of the first large bulky impossible to carry through the fishing rivers of north Colorado video cameras that ranged in the thousands to buy and took a trained professional and a small army to run.  GoPro’s technology has revolunized the underwater shots. For the past decades seeing an epic underwater strike in a nice clear video shot was near impossible, for nowadays producers it has become a staple of any fishing show and is viewed in significant advancement in quality. Fisherman have become more and more creative with the use of these GoPro’s they have strapped them onto lures, kayaks, fish rods (giving a great POV of the action0, and my favorite the drones.  Many TV shows will utilized aerial shots with a drone to help show land lay outs and physical tactics to these layouts and of course the awesome scenery that comes from above! GoPro has changed the fish tales forever your whompus will no longer be able to grow every time the story is told or the one that got away will be justified in beautiful high definition 1080 p clarity.


3 thoughts on “Fish Tech

  1. This looks like a really great innovative product and GoPro appears to be keeping up with today’s technologies. Although I’m not a fishing pro, I think this really would be a fun and creative tool for both outdoorsmen and fishermen. I would probably go fishing just to play around with this camera and view the fish underwater. I think it would be very interesting to actually see the story of “the one that got away” with your own eyes!


  2. Great post! I hadn’t thought about the implications of the new video technologies on something like fishing. That is awesome that any amateur fisherman can now make an impressive video production of their fish outings. Having the drone shots and the GoPro shots give some great angles!!


  3. Go Pro cameras are so cool! They can be used for so many different things. I have a friend of mine that did something similar to this only what he did was during an ice fishing trip we had last summer.


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