Catch and Release

tackle-box-560x371I’d Like to take this final blog as an opportunity to thank everyone who has taken the time to comment or read my blog, this was my first every blog certainly something I thought I would never do. It was certainly an experience and I hope you all learned a little something about the environment or the time money and effort that is put into preserving the outdoors for many generations to come. Some of the blogs featured Milacs Lakes slots sizes, various ice fishing outings, safety on the ice and water, a few political situations, some preservations efforts, a little history of the styles, and of course the use of technology and the future of fishing. If fishing has the ability to continue to evolve to the next generation of anglers then it will have no problem continuing to be a part of the future. I look forward to the upcoming advancements and am excited to see the success of hard working conservationist who have strived to maintain the future. I hope everyone has a chance to wet a line this upcoming way too short Minnesota Summer!

Good Luck on the water.

P.S. It’s probably a good thing this is my last one there appears to be some open water out my window and a boat itching to float.


One thought on “Catch and Release

  1. Even though I did not come to your page often ,I must admit that blogging was more exciting than I thought.Like you ,this was my first experience in blogging and I think I will continue blogging ! It is fun and a good way to connect with people you share same interests.


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