Fear No Fish

Essential to any anglers’ success is great equipment properly utilized to its fullest. g-loomis-logoI myself have never believe that price determines quality just because something is ten times more in monetary value doesn’t mean it is ten times better for you the consumer to use. With this in mind and my thoughts of warm sunshine and calm out water I reviewed my sets of equipment fishing rods and reels and thought I would share some of my favorites with you. My all-time “best value” product that I love to use and is greatly versatile is the spin casting reel made by Mitchell it’s the model 300 Pro. It is commonly defined as rugged yet refined which is spot on. It runs about $70.00 in price which is a lower to middle on the price scale and offers a mean gear ratio that allows you the control you need with its well-constructed frame that offers superior durability. However a reel is next to useless without some sort of well-crafted and flawless rod to attach it too. I will always suggest either a G-Loomis or St. Croix rod, it depends on the style of fishing and how much you are going to use it but you almost can’t go wrong with in line of product that is made from either brand. They are far and away the lightest and most durable rods on the market.  There prices may run a bit more than your average but are well worth it for the longevity that is provided in them.


Whale of a time

Today’s blog comes from a recent article that was shown on CBS News; it was about a huge humpback whale that was tangled in a large fishing net off the coast of Hawaii. They discuss how a 45 ton wale managed to get stuck in a fishing net what they did to save its life. The whale was stuck in the net for an entire week. They whale was stuck in hundreds of feet of a15d7fcf8b72e2086e0f6a7067007c8bheavy line which had been used to maneuver crab pots off the bottom of the ocean. This is a fairly rare occurrence but it does happen and often times there can be issues with the attempted releasing of such an animal in the past there has been drowning, starvation, and other issues. This got me thinking about what  groups are out there to help prevent this from happening and who is out there to fix this when it does happen. It turns out there is an official whale preservation group in Hawaii call the West Hawaii Marine Mammal Response Network. Not only did they help to free the whale but they saw an opportunity to plant a tracking device on him and will take full advantage of monitoring its travel for scientific research. I was impressed by the execution and resourcefulness of the organization and fully support and applaud there research and protective works in Hawaii to help out in a tough situation.

Almost Cheating

Being a good angler and producing fish on demand is also about having the right tools and utilizing them to the fullest. I myself have a handful of gear I bring whenever I feel necessary. VexilarThere is a pretty standard set that I simply will not go out on the ice without and that is my buddy heater to keep warm, my cell phone for everything from songs to lake maps, and of course my Vexilar. There are many different models of Vexilar’s and other fish radar systems they range anywhere in price from $240 to $1,100 plus or minus a few dollars here and there. This wonderful creation allows fisherman to find the bottom of the lake and track there hook or jig while maintaining a reading on the hook it will allow you to detect other objects moving in the direct area in this case those would be fish. The idea is simple by using radar you can entice fish to bite. This is a great video that demonstrates the benefits of a Vexilar.

030As you may have noticed from the video that these devices give off a slight humming noise this is something that at first appears loud and a little disturbing but after years of using one becomes a calm and relaxing noise. After having some year’s experiencing fishing with a Vexilar I know feel lost without one, and time seems to slowly inch by.  They are every changing and advancing pieces of technology and I am excited to see how they will better them in the future the possibilities are endless.

Boca Grande

tarpon-fishing-ft-myersAs I’m sure you can tell from my previous post I enjoy the state of Minnesota to the fullest but there are some great places to get out and wet a line down south. One place that looks like an awesome adventure is Boca Grande Florida right on the beautiful gulf coast. With the lure of above freezing temperatures and white sandy beaches not to mention a local drink at the nearest tiki bar I’m ready to book a trip tomorrow! It has always been one of my goals in life to go on a charter fishing tour when the tarpon are in full swing.  Tarpons have been known to range from four to eight feet long and weigh anywhere from 60 to 280 pounds each making ttop-tarpon-lures-01hem a truly good time to reel in. They have been known to become airborne fish when hooked up meaning they can become one of the toughest to land. It can often take 20 minutes or so to battle one an adventure I hope to enjoy soon. They also have dorsal fins and are considered to have a bluish or greenish backs they appear almost metallic or shiny in the water.They are known also to be one of the “pickiest” fish that swims in the gulf waters so it is important just like fishing in Minnesota to bring a wide variety of lures and not be afraid to try anything. Check out this Youtube video of the real experience. Can’t wait!

Lake Carlos

This afternoon I read an article in the CBS Minnesota News about the best places to go fishing in Minnesota the article talks mostly about the state parks and the benefits of having a state park for both beginning fisherman and longtime experienced fisherman and then continues to talk about a few of the most accessible and usable ones in the state. The benefits of having a resource like a preserved nature sanctuary that can be used by the public at a small charge is a great assets.

State parkslocation_map3 of recreation areas extended all over the state from the northern most state park in Garden Island to Grand Portage to even Blue Mounds located in the Southwest corner of the state.  State parks are an easy way for the everyday person or family to set up a base camp in the outdoors without really being too far from civilization or having any land to their own. Most state parks even remain open during the winter season and offer various amenities such as snowmobile ridding and snow shoeing. Even know that might be a tough task this particular season. As the popularity of state parks continues to grow each year it becomes more important to make reservations especially if you are planning around a holiday. The camps often times can fill up a year or so out. I myself do plan to utilize a state park or two this upcoming fall season and cannot wait for the thrill and excitement it will bring!


During the tail end of these cold winter months I like most Minnesotan’s start to think about the upcoming spring and summer. The thoughts of warm sunshine, birds chirping, the smell of the grill, and of course the sight of open water excites me once again. This can’t come soon enough! As the end of February comes I will begin to pack up the ice gear and start reorganizing yet again the summer gear retying string and polishing up lures. I will take a gander at the calendar and talk over with friends what weekends are available for designated fishing trips and what locations we plan to fish.

lake of the woodsThis year the talk is about Lake of the Woods, Canada side primarily.  This is about a 5 to 6 hour drive from my location in Minnesota and a fairly simple one as it is mostly interstate to the border. With these trips comes organization and commitment from all the parties involved and sometimes that’s a rather tough task. The current destination leader on the Lake of the Woods is Young’s Bay on the Northwest Angle Inlet which actually is a part of the United States thanks to a former president. From here we will plan to take off North and East primarily fishing islands and back bays for muskies and sharp rock points for various sizes in walleyes. I hope that this summer’s trip will be a great success like in years past and I hope to continue the tradition for years to come.


Fly fishing dates back to be one of the oldest styles of fishing. They style is simple yet complex. In many ways it is very Utah_Fly_Fishing_3similar to all fishing it has the same basic premise of finding a likely natural food substance for fish tract to their environment where they have established regular feeding cycles and incise them with a quick and seemly harmless meal. However fly fishing is a style that varies significantly from deep sea or ice fishing it is built upon finesse. Fly fishing like most techniques can be modified to be executed on many different styles of habitats from lakes, rivers, and even oceans.

My personal experience with the sport has left me intrigued by its attention to detail.  Fly fishing is the most tactical of all sports.  There is an immense amount of factors that go into every trip and every cast ranging anywhere from the lights angle fly_fishing_minnesota_river-704x400reflecting off the pool of water to the ounces of weight that is subjectively casted up or down wind. This intrigued has led me to establish some personal goals for this upcoming spring summer and fall fishing seasons. It’s a simple one and that is to land 50 fish during the year on my fly fishing equipment. I set this goal in hopes of both achieving it and hopefully being able to look back at my accomplishments this time next year and be able to set a new goal.

In conclusion I enjoyed reading various articles from this linked website dedicated to the history of fly fishing!